2018 Photolucida Critical Mass

Very excited to have been chosen as a 2018 Finalist for Photolucida Critical Mass for my series Descendants. This is such a tremendous honor and an incredible opportunity to get the work in front of 200 jurors. This will be the third time making it as a CM finalist, I'm crossing fingers that this year I make it into the Top 50. This series would not be possible if it weren't for my cousin Michael. Michael is the historian of our family and has an amazing archive of family photos that once belonged to my grandparents. He was generous enough to let me take whatever I liked. The series is dedicated to my grandparents, Alfredo and Annunziata Papa.



Winner "Light" All About Photo Inaugural Issue

I am so excited to learn that Figure in Road, from the series Raven't Point has been chosen as the winning image for the "Light" Theme. Out of 1300 different images submitted for this competition, All About Photo Editor, Sandrine Hermand-Grisel had the difficult task to select only 15 photographers for the first edition of the printed magazine and I was selected as the happy few! Looking forward to receiving my copy of the first issue of All About Photo where several images will be featured.

Figure in Road, from the series Raven's Point

Figure in Road, from the series Raven's Point

Mother Solo Exhibition, Camerawork Gallery, Portland OR

I am excited to have learned that my series Mother will be featured in an upcoming solo exhibition at Camerawork Gallery in Portland OR from April 28- June 1 2018, just in time for Mother’s Day. The gallery is located in Peterson Hall – Linfield College of Nursing School Campus, 225 NW Northrup Street, Portland. A big warm thank you to Sharon Lavier O’Keefe for giving me this amazing opportunity to exhibit. Sharon and I met during portfolio reviews at Photolucida and we instantly connected. Photolucida has been such an amazing platform for emerging artists and opens the doors for so many wonderful opportunities, I am especially grateful to them for this connection.

I am extremely appreciative that I will have my first two upcoming solo exhibits (Descendants at Soho Photo Gallery, NYC and Mother in Portland) going on at the same time on two different coasts. If you are in the Portland area, please come visit the exhibition. http://www.jpterlizziphotography.com/mother/

Pink Slippers, from the series Mother

Pink Slippers, from the series Mother

Descendants Solo Exhibition, Soho Photo Gallery, NYC

I am thrilled beyond belief to have just learned that my portfolio of Descendants has been selected as a finalist and has been awarded an exhibition at the Soho Photo Gallery in NYC. The show will be from April 4-28th with an opening reception on April 3rd. Thank you to Larry Davis and the panel of jurors at Soho Photo Gallery for selecting my work. It’s an incredible honor to have been chosen. To my grandparents Alfredo and Annunziata Papa whom I dedicated this series to and to the three generation of relatives who have passed and are included in this series I am honored to share my family with this warm photographic community. http://www.jpterlizziphotography.com/descendants-1





Lens 2018 Exhibit, Perspective Gallery

Thrilled to learn the news that The Puzzle from my series The Cedars Run Silent has been selected by juror Paula Tognarelli in the upcoming LENS 2018 International Juried Photography Exhibition being held at Perspective Gallery in Evanston, IL. A special thank you to Paula, for the endless work she does for our community and the countless opportunities she provides for so many artists. We are all blessed to have such a warm, wonderful, giving woman in our photographic circle. So honored to be included in the exhibition and looking forward to seeing Paula's curated selection. The exhibit runs March 1st - April 1st.

The Puzzle from the series  The Cedars Run Silent

The Puzzle from the series The Cedars Run Silent

West Coast and Mid West Quinfecta

This week has been unbelievably incredible and filled with lots of great exhibition news. I am so excited to exhibit again at one of my favorite places, the Los Angeles Center of Photography in the upcoming Street Shooting Around the World Exhibition. I am honored to be hanging next to a true street shooter and friend, Paul Kessel. Thank you to juror Gus Powell who had to narrow 1700 images down to 50. Very daunting.

To continue riding on the high, the next day I received notification that two images from my new series Descendants and one image from my series Mother have been selected by juror Ann Jastrab for the upcoming Seeing Red Exhibition being held at Gray Loft Gallery in Oakland, CA. 

AND today I received notification, that Gemini from my series Mother has been one of 16 images chosen for the Memory Exhibition being held at The Mid West Center of Photography in Witchita, KS.

I am grateful to jurors Gus and Ann, LACP, Gray Loft Gallery and The Mid West Center of Photography for giving me these amazing opportunities. I feel truly blessed to be part of a wonderful and warm photographic community.

Seeing Red Exhibition: Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, CA February 9th - March 9th

Street Shooting Around the World Exhibition: LACP February 16th - March 16th

Memory Exhibition: Mid West Center of Photography, Wichita, KS February 23rd - March 16th


Brown Shoes, Street Shooting Around the World, Los Angeles Center of Photography

Brown Shoes, Street Shooting Around the World, Los Angeles Center of Photography

West Second St. from the series  Mother,  Gray Loft Gallery

West Second St. from the series Mother, Gray Loft Gallery

Nazzareno, from the series  Descendants , Gray Loft Gallery

Nazzareno, from the series Descendants, Gray Loft Gallery

Anna, from the series  Descendants , Gray Loft Gallery

Anna, from the series Descendants, Gray Loft Gallery

Gemini, from the series  Mother,  Mid West Center of Photography

Gemini, from the series Mother, Mid West Center of Photography

The Shadow Aspect, Praxis Gallery Minneapolis, MN

2018 is starting to be a great year. Very excited that one of my favorite images, Deb, from the series Raven's Point was selected by juror Ross Anderson for inclusion in The Shadow Aspect exhibit being held at Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis MN. The show will be running January 19th through February 14th with an opening reception on January 19th. 


The Photographic Nude Exhibit, LightBox Gallery, Astoria OR

Thank you to Christa Blackwood for selecting my image "Self Portrait - Sanctuary" for inclusion in the 2018 Photographic Nude Exhibit being held at LightBox Gallery in Astoria, OR. The show will be running February 10th through March 7th with an opening reception on February 10th from 6-9pm. Thrilled that the exhibit will be published in Blur Magazine this Spring. 


Happy New Year

First portraits for 2018. One of my goals for the New Year is to work on my portraiture skills. Thanks to Kat and Jared for allowing me to spend some time with them this past weekend to capture these images. 


Let There Be Light (and Shadow) Umbrella Arts Gallery, NYC

Langaholt will be on exhibit at The Umbrella Arts Gallery in the Lower East Side from February 1st - March 3rd 2018, featuring photographs from a total of 47 photographers. Thank you to juror Harvey Stein for selecting my image out of the 1014 images submitted. So curious to see the curated selection of how we all interpret light and shadow. Thank you to MaryAnn Fahey who runs the gallery. MaryAnn does an extraordinary job organizing, communicating and setting up for the show among other things. If your in NYC come to the opening reception on Thursday February 1st from 6-8pm. Umbrella Arts Gallery, 317 E. 9th St. Manhattan. See you there.

A little background on the image. The image was taken in Iceland in December 2016. It was freezing cold, and late in the evening, My cousin and I were waiting to see the Northern Lights that once again during our two-week vacation to Iceland never showed themselves. To pass the time, I had asked my cousin to pose for me with red fabric that I had brought with me to photograph during the trip. She was kind enough to remove her goose down jacket and wrap herself in this thin red fabric. She stood in total shadow. In order to light her I was running around for 30-35 seconds painting her in light with my flashlight as she tried to stay as perfectly still as she could without shivering. There were many failed attempts, many, this was the last shot before we had to stop and call it quits because of the frigid temperatures. So happy to have persevered to create this image.


All About Photo - Los Angeles Center of Photography

A very warm and special thank you to Ann Jastrab for the amazing article she wrote featuring  my work on All About Photo. I am so grateful to have met Ann at PhotoLucida this past April, and reconnecting with her through the Creative Portrait Exhibition where she served as juror. I am excited to have three of my images selected which will be on exhibit in the company of so many strong and powerful creative portraits at the Los Angeles Center of Photography opening this Friday, Nov. 10th 7-10pm. Looking forward to seeing my west coast friends on Friday. Check out the article here https://www.all-about-photo.com/photo-articles/photo-article.php?title=jp-terlizzi-los-angeles-center-for-photography&id=305


The Creative Portrait, The Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP)

WOW!!! I am stunned, shocked, and thrilled beyond belief that three of my images; Windswept, Gemini from the series Mother, and Alfredo from my newest body of work were chosen for The Creative Portrait Exhibition at the Los Angeles Center of Photography with Windswept winning the top prize. Two additional images will be included in the online exhibition as well. A big warm thank you to juror Ann Jastrab for including me in the show and awarding me top prize. I am still in shock about learning the news and humbled and grateful for receiving this tremendous opportunity. I’m looking forward to going out to LA for the opening of the show on November 10th and seeing the work in person of so many friends and artists that I admire. Thank You.



Gemini  from the series  Mother

Gemini from the series Mother




New Work

Not having my own family archive of photos to look back upon, I have always enjoyed looking at old family photos from my aunts, uncles and cousins. I would sit with the images quietly and create my own narrative on the circumstances for the photo, asking myself why this specific moment was chosen to be captured and preserved.  I enjoy looking for resemblances of myself in old family members and wonder what my distant relatives would be like if they were alive today. What personality traits and mannerisms would we have in common? Would we be close and share that familial bond that I have with so many of my relatives? For over a year, I have wanted to create a project with these photos. Somehow preserving the past while incorporating myself and preserving the present. Utilizing a digital composite photograph, I incorporate my own blood specimens on slides and stitched them on the image to create a new family portrait and archive that permanently bonds me with my past. Looking forward in developing the body of work further and adding more to the series.





Faces Without Portraits, PH21 Gallery Budapest, Hungary

So excited to have one of my self portraits White Shirt from my new series The Cedars Run Silent accepted in PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. The exhibition will run from September 28th - October 24th, 2107. Big thank you to both Zsolt Batori and Krisztina Domjan for selecting my image and for the opportunity to showcase my work to an international audience. How cool is that! 


Reunion, The Gallery at Greenly Center, Bloomsburg University, PA

Thank you to the review committee at The Gallery at Greenly Center, Bloomsburg University for selecting Pins, from the series Mother for inclusion in the Reunion Exhibition. The show opens November 3rd to December 5th 2017 with an opening reception on November 3rd from 6-8pm. Excited to be part of the show and looking forward to seeing the selected artists works that relate to the interpretation of Reunion. 


Opening Reception 3rd Annual Group Exhibition, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson NY

It was a great opening reception at the Davis Orton Gallery for The 3rd Annual Group Exhibition. The walls were filled with so many great works. Thrilled to be included with so many friends and hanging on the same wall right next to Susan Rosenberg Jones and Joan Lobis Brown. Karen Davis did a fantastic job of putting the show together, the images all worked nicely and had a great flow. Thank you to the amazing Paula Tognarelli who juried the show and for including my image. It's always nice to see Paula in person, thank you for taking the time and driving the 4 plus hours to attend the opening AND then to make the same drive back home in one day. You truly are a rare gem to the photography world. If you're in Hudson New York stop by and see the show. It runs July 29-August 28th. Davis Orton Gallery 114 Warren St.

Water Exhibition The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins CO

I am very happy to be exhibiting again in 2018 at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins CO. The Center is one of my favorite places to be a part of. Thank You to juror Jennifer Murray for selecting my image Geothermal Cleanup (Iceland) for inclusion in the Water Exhibition and to Hamidah Glasgow for the tireless efforts she puts forth to make The Center an amazing place that supports and provides opportunities to the photographic community. The Water Exhibition will run from December 22, 2017 - January 27, 2018.


Soho Photo Gallery National Competition

It was a great opening night at Soho Photo Gallery in NYC. Thank you to Aline Smithson who curated the show. Soho Photo Gallery initiated its first juried national photo competition in 1995 and it has been an annual event ever since. Each year, the Gallery receives hundreds of entries from photographers all over the United States. It was an honor to be included and to actually see how the images all worked so nicely together. Plus it was very cool to hang next to two amazing photographers that I admire, Russ Rowland and Jennifer McClure. If your in Soho check out the gallery on White Street. The show is going on until July 22nd. http://www.sohophoto.com/2017/07/06/2017-national-competition-winners/

Davis Orton Gallery 3rd Annual Group Show

Thank you to juror Paula Tognarelli and Karen Davis for including one of my self portraits Manan from my new series The Cedars Run Silent in the galleries 3rd Annual Group Show which runs July 29th to August 27th, 2017. Opening Reception July 29th 5-7pm. If your in Hudson, NY stop by to what will be an amazing show.