Let There Be Light (and Shadow) Umbrella Arts Gallery, NYC

Langaholt will be on exhibit at The Umbrella Arts Gallery in the Lower East Side from February 1st - March 3rd 2018, featuring photographs from a total of 47 photographers. Thank you to juror Harvey Stein for selecting my image out of the 1014 images submitted. So curious to see the curated selection of how we all interpret light and shadow. Thank you to MaryAnn Fahey who runs the gallery. MaryAnn does an extraordinary job organizing, communicating and setting up for the show among other things. If your in NYC come to the opening reception on Thursday February 1st from 6-8pm. Umbrella Arts Gallery, 317 E. 9th St. Manhattan. See you there.

A little background on the image. The image was taken in Iceland in December 2016. It was freezing cold, and late in the evening, My cousin and I were waiting to see the Northern Lights that once again during our two-week vacation to Iceland never showed themselves. To pass the time, I had asked my cousin to pose for me with red fabric that I had brought with me to photograph during the trip. She was kind enough to remove her goose down jacket and wrap herself in this thin red fabric. She stood in total shadow. In order to light her I was running around for 30-35 seconds painting her in light with my flashlight as she tried to stay as perfectly still as she could without shivering. There were many failed attempts, many, this was the last shot before we had to stop and call it quits because of the frigid temperatures. So happy to have persevered to create this image.